Maxxima 2003 - Wine in "Central Hali" Sofia...

maxxima private reserve

What you see on the picture is Maxxima 2003 Private Reserve. This is a very good wine which is no where to be found on the market anymore. However, since I visited the Central Hali in Sofia I have found out that this is not entirely true and for those who have missed their chance to put hands on some of these they now have the opportunity to do so. The price is normal according for the quality which is recognized for some forums 2-3 years ago. For those who like Maxxima’s labels I can say that there you can find the whole set of their production on the lesser wines. Actually at Central Hali there are more than 3 stores for wine but only 1 deserves visit (Little to the left from the entrance through the parking spaces). While the others sale some of the well known mass wines, at one of the places there are truly interesting stuff. If we exclude some Gumza from …. 1998 if I remember correctly … there you will can find No Man’s Land Melnik 1998 which is the witness for the start of this label. They offer magnum bottles (1,5l and 3.0l) for few brands and old vintages for ReDark for example as well. The person behind the stand is not some high school boy that knows who to print receipt, but if you tell the man what you like he will offer you some good stuff. I was impressed for his knowledge of the wines he is selling. It is clear that he is not just a sales person, as it turns out that he is a fan of Bulgarian red wine (just like I am). Overall going downtown during working hours is a pain with the traffic but hey this is Central Hali and it is working on Saturday and Sunday so even the construction activities because of the metro near them is not a problem as well as the parking spaces – they are empty.

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