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These on the left are one of the best going out for some time from the Bulgarian vineyards. Katarzyna has placed well on the market with a lot of decent wines on almost every market segment.  It is needless to point out the Carpe Diem and Contemplations which I often use as a comparison. Very well priced and well made – the Katarzyna Reserve on the other hand well made but heavily overpriced. Price is not everything but it is a big chunk of a wine’s heart. On most competitions it is an important thing. As an example I will point out something Bulgarian – the competition (the one and only attempt for such in Bulgaria) held by Bacchus magazine in 2008 for wine of the year. The wine that won was Santa Sarah’s Privat 2006 and the only reason why it won over the Terra Tangra’s Roto 2006 was the price. Roto was almost double in price and this left it at second place with no doubt.

Now what I would like to point out is the Encore Syrah from Katarzyna and their “idea” developed between 2007 and 2010. I will leave the medals and rewards that Encore won on various competitions and I would like to stress on the quality of the wine and its taste which are the only things I am interested in. 2007 had something really good. It was a good year along with 2006 and the quality was a its top as it is at 2009. For the 2010 there were some problems with the rain in the area where the Katarzyna Vineyards are. Still they managed well as we can see from the result.

Encore 2010 surprised me to be honest – even during the time I was pouring my glass with it the aroma was so strong that it was felt from every corner of the table. The nose is so rich that your senses start screaming for the fruits which seem to surround you! All this makes the taste expectation so higher and I must tell that it is good. I also would like to note that it will be way better if you lay it down for a year! Hold yourself and make a note for the same time next year about Encore 2010 – you will not be disappointed.

Encore 2009 has more to offer thou.. It is damn ready and you can feel that in the taste mainly. So colorful, full and complete… It is a remarkable hit and if you are interested you can still find some magnum bottles of 2009 which will compliment your Syrah storage properly at your cellar. Everything you could have asked from the nature was there in 2009 and the Katarzyna’s winemakers have not failed on this one.

Encore 2008 is popular enough and my impression is that it is not for nothing. The taste is a trade mark already but what I believe the greatest advantage of 2008 is among these four is the potential held beneath the cork. I will give this a good 6-7 years aging with no downsides and even more maybe… 2008 found to be very rare these days on the market so you will need some luck to get it today.

Encore 2007 is probably where all the eyes are turned to. Most successful worldwide and thus most expensive among its kind. You will need to pay more than double the price of the 2010 in order to get your hands/tongue/lips on Encore 2007 vintage. I am not sure why… I believe it is a pure marketing because of the echo in the media around its success. It got Silver on the Syrah du Monde so? – Hell… Nimbus Syrah Premium 2009 got GOLD there but it did not double the price?! Pure speculation that only harms the idea of the 2007 vintage. Still if you have not tasted it you have probably missed something good already. Anyways you have 2010 which is a good wine that will smash to the ground a lot of wines who can dare to stand against it and the 2009 is even higher on the scale right in the ”must have” for those who like Bulgarian red wine… and not only.

Just saying… Any of these 4 is an outstanding success for Katarzyna and all of them are placed right where they need to be - at the top shelf on every store where the leaders are. Price is 16€ but these days it may grow to 31€ per bottle for 2007 and like over 50€ at the restaurants. Well priced when released on the market so the speculation is not coming from Katarzyna directly. Merchants are the ones that take advantage of the media echo and any other factor that can boost up the price. Understandable, but still – double?! Again to backup my words I will point out the clash of the Titans in 2008 between Privat and Roto. Roto 2006 now can be found for its initial price of 30€ where back in 2008 the Privat was like ~18€. Today you can still find Privat but you will need at least 40€ to get it where the options and quantity are very limited.

I see also the good thing on the price margin going so high since this will stimulate the collectors and enthusiast of all kind to get the good wines before they are widely praised. Hopefully more people will start looking for the good Bulgarian wines and many should be able to find them on their own since by the time I am writing here the price of your favorite red wine is going up! Have no doubt about it!

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